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"I have been a patient at Stone Flower Mountain Health Associates for well over 20 years.  It has always been my "go to" place.  I have referred people I work with there, and have always been happy with both the results I have experienced as well as theirs!  From depression and insomnia, to immune boosting, muscle pain, to seasonal tune-ups, and more, so much more.  The staff at Stone Flower Mountain have met the need with kindness, responsiveness and responsibility.  I could trust the herbs they gave me to help, and there was never a time when I did not feel much better after treatment.  I strongly recommend, without hesitation, Stone Flower Mountain as a place to go for help!"  -Debbie Franke Ogg C.S.W., L.C.S.W.

"After being diagnosed with RA, I began acupuncture with Dr. Chen Yong.  Thanks to regular treatments I have been able to maintain and actually increase my very active lifestyle.  I have had a decrease in pain, which allows me to continue my satisfying and demanding full time work, care of family, house, garden and love of dancing.  Over the years I have also sought and received relief from coughs, colds, headaches, etc., using acupuncture.  I am extremely thankful and grateful for the care that I have received and continue to receive."   -Annonymous



"My name is Jessica and I am a patient of Abbey Semel for the treatment of my allergies.  I had a lot of food allergies since childhood and was very limited to what I could eat.  I was very sensitive to milk, in particular, and would feel extreme exhaustion twenty minutes after consuming any dairy products.    Abbey was a God-send to me in the treatment of these allergies. 
I was planning to relocate to Asia, and was concerned that my food sensitivities might be a problem.  Abbey's use of NAET allowed me too let go of this concern.  She methodically tested my sensitivities against a wide range of foods, discovering and eliminating allergies I hadn't even noticed yet.
During the process I noticed my energy level increasing and my skin clearing up more than ever before.  I didn't feel as weighed down by the food I was eating.  It was like my body had finally been given the tools it needed to accept the nutrients in the food that I was consuming.  And I could even enjoy dairy products without suffering an energy crash and a week-long breakout on my face! Thanks to NAET and Abbey, I am able to live free of allergies, and I no longer need to worry about every ingredient in my food."  -Jessica Spradling

"After learning that I had breast cancer, I knew I had to make acupuncture part of my treatment regimen.  Stone Flower Mountain came highly recommended to me by some friends and now I know why.  A quiet relaxing atmosphere with compassionate, knowledgeable professionals. I have no doubt that my body's energy and recuperative powers were greatly aided and enhanced by the acupuncture treatments that I received during my chemotherapy and radiation."   -Carey C.


"There are no words to describe my gratitude for having Dr. Chen Yong in my life;  he is not only a devoted health practitioner but also a deeply caring human being.  I first went to Dr. Chenwhen I had a severe case of tinnitus, several years ago.  I had been suffering with neck pain and a pounding in the ears for over a year and a half and found no relief until I came under his care.  Chen Yong carefully went over my health history, listened to my every concern and devised a plan of care that not only made me comfortable every step of the way but also cured me of the pain and the debilitating sound in my ear.  Since that initial visit I have come to Dr. Chen for many other concerns and for what I call "maintenance" for over 13 years now.  I couldn't picture my life without his care and joy for life!"     -Rosa W.

"I have been a patient at Stone Flower Mountain for the past 16 years.  I have been treated for various illnesses, stress, strengthening my immune system, and pain management, as well as food sensitivities and environmental allergens (NAET).  These treatments have been very helpful in providing a medical approach/ philosophy that did not lead to the taking of prescription medications with harmful side effects.  I truly appreciate this service being available in our community and have recommended it to countless friends, family members and colleagues.  Thank you so much!"   -Annonymous